Animal Removal Tools

When a person has a wildlife infestation they need to find a way to get rid of these pests as soon as possible. People do not want to hurt or kill the animals. They just need to keep them out of their home. There are some humane animal removal tools that can be used to remove the wildlife without injuring it in any way.

Small Mammal Traps
A All Animal Control These traps can be used to remove a small mammal safely from the property. A person can purchase these traps or they can rent them from most shelters and animal rescue organizations. The trap will have two doors that the mammal will enter. To get the animal in the trap, food is used as bait. Once the animal enters the trap both of the doors close. The animal is not hurt but it cannot get out of the trap. The homeowner can then carry the trap with the animal safely inside to a new location such as the open woods. They can then open the door to the trap and the animal will be able to return to nature. There are different sized traps based on the size of the best. There are larger traps for raccoons and groundhogs. There are small traps for chipmunks and squirrels.

Liquid Peanut Rodent Lure
This lure can be put in the traps to help people that are having issues with rodents. This formula was designed to be so attractive to rodents that they cannot resist it. The formula smells like peanuts. Only a couple of drops are needed in order to attract the animals. This lure can be put inside of the trap and the animals will come to it.

trapped raccoonUrine from other animals will attract the animal. Now a person can purchase animal urine as a bait. This urine will come in a container that can be fully sealed. Only a little bit of urine is needed to attract the animals. This can also be put in the humane traps to get the animals to come to it. There are many different types of urine depending on the pest that is bothering the property.

These are some of the items that can be used to attract animals. These traps, as well as the bait, can be used to lure the animals into the trap where it can be safely removed from the property.