Natural Repellents

micesWhen a person has a pest problem at their home they want to get rid of these wild animals. People are realizing that this should be done in a humane way. These animals are just looking for food and shelter. A person cannot let them stay because they cause disease and can spread bacteria. When a person is trying to keep these pests from entering their home there are some humane products that can be used. These products will be able to keep the pests away and even relocate them. The best part is the pests will not be harmed in any way.

Solar Seal
This is a sealant that will use the latest in technology to seal up the home. It is a mixture of silicone and urethane that will help seal cracks in the home and prevent animals from getting in. This formula is nontoxic and will allow a person to seal up their home without harming the animals.

The Flasher
This device will help keep the bird away from the harm. Birds may be pretty to look at but their dropping can spread a number of diseases and bacteria. This flasher will help keep the bird away. It should be hung from the corner of the building. The flasher will keep the birds away as it contains something that they find unappealing. It is nontoxic and will keep the birds away without harming them.

Spray Away
This system is nontoxic but is not liked by animals in any way. A person will hang this sprinkler in the home. It is water based and no toxic chemicals are needed. When the device detects the heat of the animal and movement using the infrared sensors it will begin to spray water. This will scare the animal away without harming them. The device uses solar batteries so there is nothing that has to be plugged in. This is a safe yet effective way to scare animals off of the property.

Night Guard Deterrent
This is another non-toxic product that will help keep animals way. It can scare away both small and large pests. When the pests get within a certain range of the device it will begin to flash. The night will flash and the animal will get scared away. This device will flash from the time it gets dark until dawn. Animals will be able to see it from 500 yards away. They will see the flash as a threat and they have a fear of being discovered in the night. This device will keep them from entering the property. It can also be used to keep crops safe. The animals will not be harmed in any way. They will want to stay away from the light. This device is solar powered so no batteries are needed.

skunkNon-Toxic Floggers
Once an animal leaves it scent on the property it will make it as their territory. Animal urine contains a number of different bacteria that can be harmful to humans. These nontoxic floggers will reduce the smell of urine. It is nontoxic and biodegradable yet effective. It will be able to neutralize the pH levels that are in the urine so the animal will not be able to pick up its scent and come back to the area.

These are just some products that a person can use to help keep wildlife from entering their home. In the process, the wildlife will not be harmed or injured in any way. A person will protect their family from disease without harming the animals.